One of a kind piece’, made for the modern woman who searches the World for something different. Modern, yet traditional /fashionable yet never “in fashion”/ feminine, not fussy/seasonal, yet never out of season/precious but never intimidating/ Casual and elegant. Made with love for all lovers of jewellery. “I have discovered that the more I learn the craft of jewellery making, the more there is to learn”.

It is this constant yearning and curiosity to learn more that has made me into a jewellery designer/maker. I am currently based in Canada, and work from a studio and from home where I work on bespoke, custom pieces or on my own collections.

Born and raised in Pakistan, where weddings are a huge affair, I was never a stranger to colour, precious and semi-precious stone and lots and lots of gold jewellery But it wasn’t until we got married and moved to London, England that I really took up jewellery making as a serious craft/ got immersed in the art and science of jewellery making. I have studied at the K2 Academy of Jewellery at Cockpit Arts and also at the Central School of Jewellery to hone my skills. This combined with my love of nature and travel and discovering new places and soaking in small details like a painted window here, an architectural post there, a fleeting image of a bird, the colour of sand in the hot Sun, all combine to give me inspiration. I love using colour combinations found in nature, a walk at Sunrise/sunset can offset a wish to source particular coloured gems that I can combine in an earring or bracelet. I find stones have a language of their own and call out to you, you don’t choose them, they choose you.

I am also interested in using a client’s old pieces of jewellery / beads / stones / gold / silver and giving it a new look. Reinventing the old is a wonderful way of keeping the memory alive. This is in keeping with my thinking that the value of jewellery, lies in its emotional or sentimental worth.